Outsource Services and Vertical Expertise Opportunity of Turkey

Outsource Services and Vertical Expertise Opportunity of Turkey

Dec 21

India, a country famous with software exportation and remarkable amount of software revenues in its total economy. This IT country aims to generate an income such as 175 billion dollar from IT services by the year 2020.  You can see the details by observing this pressroom article of NASSCOM-McKinsey. When we dig deeper into  India model, software need of internal market is lower than the demand that comes from external market. India exports software and outsource IT services to the world. And the economical model has been constructed on brain drain.

Before evaluating a country such as India here are some tips that one should know. There comes half a million IT related graduates every year. Not all of these graduates are qualified enough, yet they help in lowering service prices. It is known there are lots of people who complain about low quality work, done by Indian outsources. Country has been using its advantage of a crowded IT population by manipulating prices.

Ok then, which way should we follow or what kind of services may be valuable and make difference for Turkey? Read more…

turkey does not groom graduates in IT industry as fast as India, and having higher life standards in Turkey does not help lowering costs either. At this point Turkey might create its opportunity by insisting on vertical expertise, and ensuring difference with the high quality of service. Just as Israel has got expertise on defense industry or Germany has got vertical expertise on ERP systems.

This year 3rd TestIstanbul conference will take place on May 24-25 2012 and will be focused on increasing economical value of testing in IT industry. If I have a chance, I will try to attend the activity this year. I think the characteristic attributes of Turkish people match with testing process. We are curious, result oriented, always try to find the gaps of processes. I think one of the most significant obligation of being leader at testing is investing on education with government support. Today Turkcell Technology has started to corporate with universities in Turkey and succeded in placing a software test engineering class into official curriculum. This type of corporation between universities and private sector will raise qualified graduate count and maybe one day Turkey will be one of the software testing leaders in Europe or maybe all around the world. This can be a good choice of vertical expertise area for us.

By the way, I advice you to look at this report prepared by research firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, Gartner, Nasscom, CSIA. The report indicates offshore software development rates by sector with comparisons. Here is the link.

Offshore Software Development Rates Comparison


Secure Android Market Need in Turkey

Secure Android Market Need in Turkey

Nov 25

According to Trend Micro, growth number of Android malware in last 6 months is 1410%. It is really high and worrying rate. To analyze fast facts you should look at this info graphic. There are lots of android markets locally and globally. Some vendors develop their own markets to give an easy access to their customers like Samsung and Motorola. Also some local GSM operators have their own market places in different countries.

All these markets are open to vulnerabilities. Because there is no tested application warranty behind these services. Of course some of the companies like Turkcell has constructed their own markets in Turkey like t-market that includes the most popular applications. Turkcell is the biggest and most popular GSM company of Turkey with approximately34 million customers. So you may think it is a secure place. Yes you’ re right but this types of markets are small sized. It takes time fro an application to get in this market unfortunately. I appreciate Turkcell for trying to fill a gap in the sector for Turkish customers. But there should be an extra local or maybe for next years global market which includes tested secure android applications. And the company has nearly 42% of Turkey’ s android smartphone share. This makes Turkcell very important and valuable for Turkey android market.

What about Turkey, read more …