Yandex Maps Mobile Application Problems

Yandex Maps Mobile Application Problems

Dec 15

As we have told about new Yandex services that has been released in Turkey, the service is easy to use and helpful for the people on the streets with its mobile application. Yandex is trying to boost the usage of their products in Turkey with online advertisements inside social media resources. But on the other had there are some problems with the mobile applications that should be fixed immediately before losing first time users.

One of the biggest problem is application language. In my company some of the users complained from language problem. they have installed the app to their IPhone iOS 5 and Android Honeycomb phones but the application was installed in Russian language. Their device language and rom were English. Turkish users managed to install Turkish version of application. So we uninstalled the Russian version of the app and then switched the phone language from English to Turkish. After this change, we reinstalled the application and see its in Turkish. We switched back to English on device but the remained in Turkish as we desire. At least we questioned isn’t there any English version of the app? It seems to be configured Russian by default.

The other big problem is search service inside the app. For example if you write on of the most popular places like İstiklal (Independence) Street in İstanbul, the app returns with no result. If you write in the search box as İstiklal Caddesi İstanbul (İstiklal Street İstanbul in English), it finds a  different place than real İstiklal Street. Location is wrong but not only that, also it finds nothing if you just write İstiklal Street without writing İstanbul next to it. Taksim Meydanı (Taksim Square) is another search keyword whish is not been found. Search box does not have an autocomplete or correction mechanism. It would be useful for mobile users. Because it is not so much comfortable to write long search parameters on mobile devices. You should make it easier for your customers.

Java and .NET Web Services Integration Problem

Java and .NET Web Services Integration Problem

Dec 14

If you live problems at calling .NET based xml web services from Java side maybe you should change your web methods attribute by adding or replacing calling attribute with the lines below.

[System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapRpcMethodAttribute("[SERVICE NAMESPACE HERE/WEB METHOD NAME SEEN BY OUTSIDE OR ACTION NAME]", RequestNamespace = "[SERVICE NAMESPACE HERE]", ResponseNamespace = "[SERVICE NAMESPACE HERE]")]

By adding this method attribute before your method definition blocks, integration problems may be fixed or you can get better method definitions in your proxy class. By default Microsoft wsdl.exe does not generate your service provider web methods with this attribute.

For better understanding of SoapRpcMethodAttribute you should see this link.

Hope it solves your problem.

A Problem Solving Technique: Crowdsourcing

A Problem Solving Technique: Crowdsourcing

Nov 29

Today simply by surfing on the internet we can easily face with an output of crowdsourcing technique. This could be a WordPress blog that is consist of plugins developed by folks or another sample could be a site hosted by GNU/Linux system.

During my university years I was sharing the idle times of cpu power of my notebook to help solving DNA problems of humans. This type of systems are defined as open grid systems, but at the behind they are another sample of crowdsourcing. Grid computing is a term referring to the combination of computer resources from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal. A concrete sample to grid computing is  IBM’s humanitarian grid to accelerate researches on cancer.

To learn about other samples of crowdsourcing and Yandex traffic density calculation technique read more…