A Problem Solving Technique: Crowdsourcing

A Problem Solving Technique: Crowdsourcing

Nov 29

Today simply by surfing on the internet we can easily face with an output of crowdsourcing technique. This could be a WordPress blog that is consist of plugins developed by folks or another sample could be a site hosted by GNU/Linux system.

During my university years I was sharing the idle times of cpu power of my notebook to help solving DNA problems of humans. This type of systems are defined as open grid systems, but at the behind they are another sample of crowdsourcing. Grid computing is a term referring to the combination of computer resources from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal. A concrete sample to grid computing is  IBM’s humanitarian grid to accelerate researches on cancer.

To learn about other samples of crowdsourcing and Yandex traffic density calculation technique read more…

SOA Manifesto

SOA Manifesto

Feb 15

As most of you know and use in the base of their internal enterprise level application architecture, service oriented architecture (SOA) has some tangible benefits. Reusability, governance, agility, interoperability, discoverability and so forth.


Today I would like to share SOA manifesto with you. Since October 2009 SOA has such a manifesto and up to now 700 different parties have signed this manifesto.  You can read it from here in detail, it is translated 9 different languages. But you can get useful information at a glance from below.

  • Business value over technical strategy.
  • Strategic goals over project-specific benefits.
  • Intrinsic interoperability over custom integration.
  • Shared services over specific-purpose implementations.
  • Flexibility over optimization.
  • Evolutionary refinement over pursuit of initial perfection.


At the first reading it had reminded me the Agile ManifestoSmile Maybe this is because of the protection approach to valuable characteristics. This manifesto was one of my motivators in front of my table on the pane at my ex company.


By the way, since we talked about agile, today IBM Vice President Julie King was our guest speaker at the company. She talked about how do they manage agile processes and lean development process inside IBM. After her 30 years development experience it was really easy to conduct on the same language with development crewWinking smile There was  a really nice slide deck which was showing the degradation over the problem calls after processes switched to agile methodologies. Maybe by a search engine miracle (or should I use failure Open-mouthed smile) she visits this page, so I would like to thank once more for her valuable visit .