Outsource Services and Vertical Expertise Opportunity of Turkey

Outsource Services and Vertical Expertise Opportunity of Turkey

Dec 21

India, a country famous with software exportation and remarkable amount of software revenues in its total economy. This IT country aims to generate an income such as 175 billion dollar from IT services by the year 2020.  You can see the details by observing this pressroom article of NASSCOM-McKinsey. When we dig deeper into  India model, software need of internal market is lower than the demand that comes from external market. India exports software and outsource IT services to the world. And the economical model has been constructed on brain drain.

Before evaluating a country such as India here are some tips that one should know. There comes half a million IT related graduates every year. Not all of these graduates are qualified enough, yet they help in lowering service prices. It is known there are lots of people who complain about low quality work, done by Indian outsources. Country has been using its advantage of a crowded IT population by manipulating prices.

Ok then, which way should we follow or what kind of services may be valuable and make difference for Turkey? Read more…

turkey does not groom graduates in IT industry as fast as India, and having higher life standards in Turkey does not help lowering costs either. At this point Turkey might create its opportunity by insisting on vertical expertise, and ensuring difference with the high quality of service. Just as Israel has got expertise on defense industry or Germany has got vertical expertise on ERP systems.

This year 3rd TestIstanbul conference will take place on May 24-25 2012 and will be focused on increasing economical value of testing in IT industry. If I have a chance, I will try to attend the activity this year. I think the characteristic attributes of Turkish people match with testing process. We are curious, result oriented, always try to find the gaps of processes. I think one of the most significant obligation of being leader at testing is investing on education with government support. Today Turkcell Technology has started to corporate with universities in Turkey and succeded in placing a software test engineering class into official curriculum. This type of corporation between universities and private sector will raise qualified graduate count and maybe one day Turkey will be one of the software testing leaders in Europe or maybe all around the world. This can be a good choice of vertical expertise area for us.

By the way, I advice you to look at this report prepared by research firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, Gartner, Nasscom, CSIA. The report indicates offshore software development rates by sector with comparisons. Here is the link.

Offshore Software Development Rates Comparison


Yandex Maps Mobile Application Problems

Yandex Maps Mobile Application Problems

Dec 15

As we have told about new Yandex services that has been released in Turkey, the service is easy to use and helpful for the people on the streets with its mobile application. Yandex is trying to boost the usage of their products in Turkey with online advertisements inside social media resources. But on the other had there are some problems with the mobile applications that should be fixed immediately before losing first time users.

One of the biggest problem is application language. In my company some of the users complained from language problem. they have installed the app to their IPhone iOS 5 and Android Honeycomb phones but the application was installed in Russian language. Their device language and rom were English. Turkish users managed to install Turkish version of application. So we uninstalled the Russian version of the app and then switched the phone language from English to Turkish. After this change, we reinstalled the application and see its in Turkish. We switched back to English on device but the remained in Turkish as we desire. At least we questioned isn’t there any English version of the app? It seems to be configured Russian by default.

The other big problem is search service inside the app. For example if you write on of the most popular places like İstiklal (Independence) Street in İstanbul, the app returns with no result. If you write in the search box as İstiklal Caddesi İstanbul (İstiklal Street İstanbul in English), it finds a  different place than real İstiklal Street. Location is wrong but not only that, also it finds nothing if you just write İstiklal Street without writing İstanbul next to it. Taksim Meydanı (Taksim Square) is another search keyword whish is not been found. Search box does not have an autocomplete or correction mechanism. It would be useful for mobile users. Because it is not so much comfortable to write long search parameters on mobile devices. You should make it easier for your customers.

Java and .NET Web Services Integration Problem

Java and .NET Web Services Integration Problem

Dec 14

If you live problems at calling .NET based xml web services from Java side maybe you should change your web methods attribute by adding or replacing calling attribute with the lines below.

[System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapRpcMethodAttribute("[SERVICE NAMESPACE HERE/WEB METHOD NAME SEEN BY OUTSIDE OR ACTION NAME]", RequestNamespace = "[SERVICE NAMESPACE HERE]", ResponseNamespace = "[SERVICE NAMESPACE HERE]")]

By adding this method attribute before your method definition blocks, integration problems may be fixed or you can get better method definitions in your proxy class. By default Microsoft wsdl.exe does not generate your service provider web methods with this attribute.

For better understanding of SoapRpcMethodAttribute you should see this link.

Hope it solves your problem.

How To Integrate wsdl and xsd Files By Using wsdl.exe

How To Integrate wsdl and xsd Files By Using wsdl.exe

Dec 14

When you work inside platform independent teams, web services and service oriented approaches are valuable. Especially in telecommunication sector, systems are mostly constructed on Unix – Linux based OS platforms and Java, C,  C++, Perl based software products and services. But the world is converging to each other day by day, companies share their services with outside or corporate with other companies. Value Added Service (for example the business corporation between a telecom company and a finance company) are the most chosen way of making a difference.

In a world that has more broaden borders than it has never before changes the architectures and design types of software. Contract First Design comes into prominence inside this kind of world. Teams or companies that uses different types of platform and works for the same project goal, starts to design their systems as black boxes tries to identify communication methods and services that they will share with each other.

In xml web services world this means to prepare your wsdl file to describe what kind of functionality you share with outsiders and xsd files that provides necessary metadata to describe data that will transform through communication channel. These are boundaries of these two black box systems which are basically the fundamentals of successful integration project.

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A Problem Solving Technique: Crowdsourcing

A Problem Solving Technique: Crowdsourcing

Nov 29

Today simply by surfing on the internet we can easily face with an output of crowdsourcing technique. This could be a WordPress blog that is consist of plugins developed by folks or another sample could be a site hosted by GNU/Linux system.

During my university years I was sharing the idle times of cpu power of my notebook to help solving DNA problems of humans. This type of systems are defined as open grid systems, but at the behind they are another sample of crowdsourcing. Grid computing is a term referring to the combination of computer resources from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal. A concrete sample to grid computing is  IBM’s humanitarian grid to accelerate researches on cancer.

To learn about other samples of crowdsourcing and Yandex traffic density calculation technique read more…

Speech Recognizer Does Not Work On Android Emulator

Speech Recognizer Does Not Work On Android Emulator

Nov 28

If you are trying to get the audio  from Android emulator, you can not be successful. You can try this with different ways like by writing a custom speech to text application, by trying to compile voice recognition sample at Android SDK or by using in-built Speech Recorder on a Google API supported android emulator.

I have tried all of these ways and tried different workarounds. But in the end I have reached a note at online Google Android Developer site.

Note: The Android Emulator does not have the ability to capture audio, but actual devices are likely to provide these capabilities.


For the original path of this information follow this link : http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/media/audio-capture.html

So this means you should find a real device to use this kind of capabilities.

Ok then, if you are curious about what I did to solve the problem, you should read more.

Secure Android Market Need in Turkey

Secure Android Market Need in Turkey

Nov 25

According to Trend Micro, growth number of Android malware in last 6 months is 1410%. It is really high and worrying rate. To analyze fast facts you should look at this info graphic. There are lots of android markets locally and globally. Some vendors develop their own markets to give an easy access to their customers like Samsung and Motorola. Also some local GSM operators have their own market places in different countries.

All these markets are open to vulnerabilities. Because there is no tested application warranty behind these services. Of course some of the companies like Turkcell has constructed their own markets in Turkey like t-market that includes the most popular applications. Turkcell is the biggest and most popular GSM company of Turkey with approximately34 million customers. So you may think it is a secure place. Yes you’ re right but this types of markets are small sized. It takes time fro an application to get in this market unfortunately. I appreciate Turkcell for trying to fill a gap in the sector for Turkish customers. But there should be an extra local or maybe for next years global market which includes tested secure android applications. And the company has nearly 42% of Turkey’ s android smartphone share. This makes Turkcell very important and valuable for Turkey android market.

What about Turkey, read more …

The Idea Behind Online Music Stores

The Idea Behind Online Music Stores

Nov 23

Once upon a time, I was a part of one of the biggest online music services in Turkey as technical leader. There was not a strong local rival in those days and global players like Google Music were not existed. But for the new versions of the platform, the main concept in our mind was accessing your music lists from anywhere, anytime. Generating recommended music lists or radio channels related with a recommendation engine or your mood, sharing them with your friends over social media and becoming a DJ of the day among your friends.

The idea was connected with increasing data usage of the users to increase income of the platform. Because the platform had been built for a telecommunication company. Store and online music content was being provided by some subsidiaries. So there was no need to implement a cloud storage. Because of the budget reserved for the project and the  focus shifts have not let the platform turned into a ubiquitous platform like I told above.

What about today, read more to learn…

How to Activate YouTube’ s New User Interface

How to Activate YouTube’ s New User Interface

Nov 23

YouTube is at the doorstep of its new homepage. IMHO it seem like the TweetDeck of videos with its new interface.With a simple cookie trick it is easy to start to use new interface. In these days there are lots of improvements and new design features on Google web products like Gmail, Google Reader, Google News etc. I think all of these improvements are related to Google+ launch and a part of strategy to promote Google’ s existence in social media.Google’s started to test its new interface already but it is not currently available by default. 

Quick Steps to configure new YouTube Interface:

1. Open  http://www.youtube.com/ in your browser.

2. When page loaded, access to developer console  of your browser by pressing 

For IE 9 : just F12

For Chrome : Ctrl + Shift and J

For Firefox : Ctrl + Shift + K

3. Get into “Console” Tab and enter cookie info by pasting this one line script.


4. Refresh the site to get access to new interface.

To return current interface:

1. By using above instructions access to developer console back again.

2. Paste and press enter one of the scripts below



document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=;expires=’Thu, 01-Jan-1970 00:00:01 GMT’”;alert(‘Cookie deleted’);

What is new in this user interface? Read more to learn…

The Facts And Statistics About Social Media 2010

The Facts And Statistics About Social Media 2010

Mar 04

Box Hill Institute is an educational provider located in Melbourne, Australia. The Institute has broadcasted a new video which indicates the facts and statistics about social media in year 2010. The numbers are really interesting. Everybody hopes huge amount of usage rates in social media sites, but sharing statistics are really gone crazySmile With the generation Z, new challenges on web will go on to come up. It is not hard to guess how these statistics will boost with alpha generation (informally, human space born from 2010, will be called “Generation Alpha”). While developing new social media ideas, defining the true strategy is crucial. Of course luck factor has to be with you whatever you are doing Winking smile. People like to share whatever they occupy. They like to share their skills, their interests, the photos of their vocations, their hobbies, their thoughts about the updating news, their comments about products to others. On another path everything changes into mobile. According to statistics that Turkey Information and Communication Technologies Council (BTK) published in this week, the usage of mobile internet has grown up 250% in last one year period. You can access the statistics from here, but it is just in Turkish. Ok I am cutting it short and leaving you with the video.