Sharp’s New Optical Image Stabilizer

Sharp’s New Optical Image Stabilizer

Dec 08

I have just read an Engadget article about Sharp’s new optical image stabilizer technology[1]. I’m really impressed with its results(can be seen from videos in article). Image stabilization is a technique to reduce jitter, motion blur or any other motion based(motion means here movement of the camera like pan and tilt) artifacts on images and videos.  Image stabilizers can be mainly optical, hardware based and software based(digital image stabilization).

Here, Sharp choose to use optical image stabilization which is a wise decision when considering mobile devices and their resources. Engadget’s whiz kids perform a hands-on with new phone named AQUOS SH-01D having this technology. Image results are a little bit disappointing at night shots as expected because low light conditions are not the robust side of optical stabilizers. But, videos are really promising, I wish to have one of these to test the limits. All in all, Sharp did a good job again and I expect similar even better stabilizers from other vendors.


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