Thumbs Up for Lytro!

Thumbs Up for Lytro!

Dec 04

Lytro, a company founded on 2006 in Mountain View, CA, accomplished a highly innovative work with their new camera that uses light field technology. I am personally new to light field technology and its concepts. But, when I see the results, I’m really impressed and get the idea behind that phenomenon. I also understand why venture capitals compete to invest in Lytro. They have a very competitive head team[1] with scientific background.  Moreover, they basically explain their camera and technology as these words:

“The very first light fields were captured at Stanford University over 15 years ago. The most advanced light field research required a roomful of cameras tethered to a supercomputer. Today, Lytro completes the job of taking light fields out of the research lab and making them available for everyone, in the form of the world’s first Lytro Light Field Camera.”

Now, let’s look at their technology with sample pictures found on their gallery at [2]. Focusing and refocusing and re-refocusing are amazing and Lytro is going to make a huge jump in imaging technology, I really liked it and want to have one!




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